Action Industrial Catering Pty Ltd is determined to continually meet the needs of our clients in an effective, efficient and proactive way. We work in conjunction with our clients allowing us to provide solutions and professional advice on how best we can facilitate their needs.

Catering and Support Services

As a company we pride ourselves on the fact that we can cater for 1 to 1000 + people on site providing services ranging from breakfast, crib or hot lunch , dinner service and that extra touch when it comes to those special corporate or themed events. In addition to this vending, crib room and retail services can also be provided.

The product, quality and presentation of food are key drivers when it comes to the service which AIC delivers to its clients. quality, commitment and service under pins our company’s vision and values no matter how big the contract...if you provide a service...provide it well. Read on


Going Green with Carbon Neutral

For an Environmental Plan / System to be successful it has to be driven from the top down. We believe this is vital to the key message that is portrayed to the industry, the sites we manage and to our employees.

With this in mind AIC has taken the initiative to implement some environmental changes within their head office, in addition to converting to 100% ‘green power’, the most recent has been to make all company vehicles carbon neutral, a process which ‘Turns Emissions into Trees’. Read on


Healthy Lifestyle Program

As a company, our focus is to be proactive rather than reactive in the injury and health management of our clients’ employees.
AIC works in conjunction with a privately owned consultancy company which specializes in providing on-site injury and health management services to a range of corporate clients, with a special interest and experience in the mining industry. Read on


Employee Relations

The key to any successful operation is the team behind it, and at AIC we believe that this is a fundamental aspect of the company and is reflected within our Employee Relations Plan. Whether we are recruiting for a senior position or a site utility, the process is the same. The most important aspect is ‘fitting into the culture of the organization’. For AIC it is paramount that our staff adopt our visions and values as these will be reflected in their attitudes and tasks they complete on our clients’ sites. Read on


Mobilization and Operations Management

The Mobilization Plan forms the key part of the operational process and incorporates all areas and personnel as detailed within our Employee Relations Plan. The plan is a comprehensive support tool which can be used in conjunction with the Safety Management and Quality Assurance Plans. Together, these form the basis of the details and information required to mobilize any contract to the standards and specifications as detailed within the tender documents. Read on