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Across resources, construction and mining sectors Action provides a suite of tailored services from catering to complete facilities management. We are committed to continually meeting the needs of our clients in an effective, efficient and proactive way.

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Village Management

Our management resources place us as your experts in not only strategic management but also in the day-to-day operations of your Village.

Hospitality Services

Hospitality is the business of making people feel welcome, relaxed and anticipating their needs. Whether it’s providing comfortable accommodation, a freshly cooked meal, or a cold beer in the tavern it’s all about customer service and providing the best experience possible for the residents.

Technical Services

Technical services comprise having the knowledge, capabilities and relevant certification in order to perform specific tasks within specialized field’s e.g. electrical, refrigeration, aerodrome and swimming pool operations.

Support Services

Support services are additional coordinated services designed to help maintain and underpin the provision of the generally main core service on a mine site being Catering.

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Supporting indigenous Communities

We recognise the importance of engaging with indigenous communities to provide training and employment opportunities. Learn more

Managing Quality & Safety

Safety management systems uniquely designed to meet your requirements and best facilitate the extensive range of services we operate. Learn more