Innovations: EcoVim

The Eco-SystemTM, a revolutionary and environmentally-friendly on-site organic waste conversion Technology reduces the weight and volume of food waste and scraps by 85 to 93 percent and converts them into high-density sterile biomass particles in 4~23 hours.
The Biomass particles can be converted to use for rich soil amendments by mixing 8~9:1 with soil.

The Eco-SystemTM utilises a proprietary decomposition and conversion batch process without the use of en-zymes, fresh water or venting. There is no negative envi-ronmental damage from BOD Or TSS. The Eco-System TM effectively reduces the overall cost of waste hauling and composting with zero sewer and land-fill impact.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, the Eco-SystemTM employs smart heat energy and water Recycling technology. Restaurants, supermarkets, hospi-tals, military, correction facilities, Cruise-ships, hotels, colleges and universities, public institutions conscious of “Green Initiatives” and diversion goals can effectively achieve their goals while reducing trash related
Vermin, odor and waste related costs associated with food waste.

  • Easy to operate
  • Effectively controls food odors
  • Completes cycle in 6 to 23 hours
  • Reduces organic waste by 85~93%
  • Reduces waste hauling and trash liner costs
  • No fresh water or en-zymes required
  • Converts organic waste into re-usable end-products
  • All in a space saving footprint