Innovations: iPad Site Auditing

Safety and Operational iPad Auditing on Site


  • MYOSH Safety Management System App’s for improved web based connectivity
  • Offline audits can be completed in the field
  • Automatically synchronises with web based MYOSH over Wi-Fi
  • Provides instant access to all safety documentation
  • Improved supervisor time management
  • Reduced double handling to input data records
  • Light weight for carrying and using
  • Long lasting battery with compact size
  • Ability to restrict access to unrequired app’s.

Tasks completion includes;

  • Mobile Equipment Pass Out Verifications
  • Area specific auditing for operational compliance
  • HSE auditing for all safety requirements
  • Direct recording of Safe Act Observations in the field
  • Incidents can be entered direct whilst at the incident location
  • Hazards identified can be immediately entered more efficiently, and
  • Incidents can be discussed with employees providing statistical graphing visuals.