Working in conjunction with a recognized specialist in Environmental Policies and Procedures, we have developed a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to cover all key environmental issues. Recycling and the use of waste reduction processes such as the ‘Ecovim’ System are key environmental initiatives that Action actively promotes as an option to enhance the service offer. Click here for more recycling on remote sites information.

Carbon Neutral

For an Environmental Plan / System to be successful it has to be driven from the top down. We believe this is vital to the key message that is portrayed to the industry, the sites we manage and to our employees.

With this in mind AIC has taken the initiative to implement some environmental changes within their head office, in addition to converting to 100% ‘green power’, the most recent has been to make all company vehicles carbon neutral, a process which ‘Turns Emissions into Trees’.

The carbon neutral program is operated by ‘Men of the Trees’ to offset greenhouse gas emissions by planting native trees and understorey vegetation. The average Australian is responsible for around 28 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, the largest per capita amount in the world, but the sustainable amount of the planet is only 3 tonnes per person.

As part of this process we receive monthly updates on environmental issues in the form of a newsletter which is communicated to all sites. This helps to highlight the on-going cause and environmental issues currently upon us and shows, as a company, we support and value the importance of making every effort to change the environment.


We have offset 380 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from their company vehicles by the planting of 1642 native trees. These trees have been planted in the Western Australian wheatbelt. These trees will have the added bonus of helping to combat salinity, restore biodiversity and help farmers revegetate the land.