Hospitality Services

Hospitality is the business of making people feel welcome, relaxed and anticipating their needs. Whether it’s providing comfortable accommodation, a freshly cooked meal, or a cold beer in the tavern it’s all about customer service and providing the best experience possible for the residents.

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As a company we can cater for 1 to 1000 + people on site providing a range of services from breakfast, crib or hot lunch, dinner service and that extra touch when it comes to those special corporate or themed events.

AIC can provide extended support in the cleaning aspect of the site contracts We aim to address all aspects of cleaning requirements on site including detailed cleaning incorporating specialized areas such as BBQ facilities, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Gymnasiums and village surrounds.

As with catering and cleaning providing an efficient accommodation service is an essential part of the village management process. Our linen is purchased from one of the leading industry suppliers and is of a durable, stain resistant quality applicable to the remote industry.

In many sites the wetmess facility is classed as the ‘hub’ of social gathering and interest on site, the key place to relax after a hard shift or general catch up with fellow colleagues

The demand for Retail Shop outlets situated within the villages is on the increase, with residents looking to purchase recognised high street brands in confectionery, magazines, snack food etc. in a central convenient location.

As with retail the demand and expectation for a quality coffee on site is in line with that of a well catered meal. Barista services can work in an independent location or encompassed within the main retail offer.

Theme Nights encourage participation from all site residents as well as AIC staff and allows the celebration of key calendar events. It provides an opportunity to allow the chefs to show some of their own originality through their signature dishes or chosen theme, breaking the monotony throughout their working swing.

The inclusion of a Foxtel, Satellite system is a priority to many residents. Keeping up to speed with local sporting events or relaxing with the recent movie releases is a sought after service in the remote mining communities.