Technical Services

Technical services comprise having the knowledge, capabilities and relevant certification in order to perform specific tasks within specialized field’s e.g. electrical, refrigeration, aerodrome and swimming pool operations.


casa-logoDue to the risk in operating this service AIC will provide suitably trained and qualified personnel to act as the Aerodrome Reporting Officer. The Aerodrome Reporting Officer will manage the airstrip facilities, along with managing the unloading and loading of passengers and freight items arriving or departing on the aircraft.


The provision of aquatic services adds to the resort style living concept which is becoming increasingly more popular as the demand and expectations of additional site services is top of most resident’s requirements.

The difference between a poorly designed and a well- designed kitchen can have a significant impact on production, service and general flow through the counters. Let the experts in this field assist in designing the ideal layout for your site.

Biomex waste management systems are a regular inclusion to the maintenance scope of works. Due to the nature of the process it is crucial that such systems are kept operational at all times and serviced regularly by trained on-site personnel.

With remote locations comes remote travel, AIC provide suitably qualified, licensed and experienced Bus drivers to operate services that can transport personnel to practically any location, our team are licensed to operate vehicles from mini-buses all the way to 52 seater coaches.

As a pro-environmental company AIC are conscious of waste services and as such have the capability to manage and deliver; waste removal, consolidation, sorting, land fill and management, and actively encourage the recycling of general camp waste.

The demands on water supplies in remote areas are always high; as a result water testing and water analysis services are vital to ensuring water security and personal safety. We carry out the operation and maintenance of various water treatment plants including the testing and handling of potable water and as such are able to provide a complete coverage of all water management requirements.

Our dedication to our product continues with regular independent microbiological testing of cooked and raw foodstuffs, utensils and food preparation and storage facilities. We share these results with our clients and are happy to promote a sanitised and safe catering environment.